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Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable

We tend to stick to familiar habits, hobbies, foods, drinks, even our jobs. Why do we do it? Because it is what we are comfortable with. Routine allows us to get comfortable. We keep doing what we know day after day. We may not even realize it no longer brings us happiness or even contentment. You know the old saying, “you only live once”? There is some truth to that. I understand that everything we do cannot be at the spur of the moment and that some things need to be routine, but I’m sure that in most people’s lives there is room for something new.
Well, I challenge you to do something that makes you uncomfortable. Try starting a hobby that you have always wanted to do but never were sure you would be able to do it. Is there a local yoga class you have been wanting to try out but you’re afraid it will be too hard? How about buying a bicycle and start going for bike rides? Do you like to fish and you forgot how much you enjoy it because it’s been so long? Stop telling yourself you don’t have time and make the time and take the kids out fishing! Whatever your interests may be, step outside of your daily routine and give it a shot!
We can also look at our food choices. Have we been eating the same thing for breakfast for the past year? Can we replace it with something new that might be healthier and possibly even more filling?
How about bad habits? Anything we can try to replace with something better? Maybe trying to drink more water and less soda or coffee? Challenge yourself!
What about your job? Do you hate it? I’m not talking about the occasional “my job irritates me”, but does it make you miserable? If so, don’t waste your life doing something that makes you unhappy! Take your skill set and explore your options. See if you can find a better opportunity elsewhere. You will never know if you don’t try! I see it so often (I was guilty of it myself). Discontent in the workplace can ruin your home life. Many people stay in jobs that they despise simply because they don’t want to step out of their comfort zone and find something better. Don’t be one of those people!
So what are you going to do to break up the monotony of your daily routine? Let’s try to get more active, try new healthier habits whether it be mental or physical. Trust me there is no better feeling than conquering something you didn’t think you could ever do!

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