Spot reducing fat

Often I get asked “What exercise do you recommend for toning this flab on my arms” Or  I hear “I need to do some crunches so I can get a six pack.” Unfortunately for all of us, it isn’t that easy. In order to reduce body fat you must be in a caloric deficit. This means that you must burn more calories than you consume. So the short story is, you must exercise hard and eat smart. After doing this, over time, you will notice that your “arm flab” or your excess stomach fat will start diminishing. There is no magic exercise that will remove fat from a specific body part. (I know, its awful, I wish it wasn’t true).

Now I don’t want to discourage anyone from crunches or rope extensions. Building strength and muscle is beneficial for many reasons too. Again, the short story, after an intense resistance workout your body works hard to repair all that has happened and continues to burn calories long after you leave the gym. If you were to just diet alone, and not exercise at all, you would most likely lose muscle along with fat and that “look” isn’t great either. So in essence, we need to be vigilant in the gym AND in the kitchen in order to lose fat.

The other sad fact is, we don’t get to choose where our body loses fat. I tend to see fat loss first in my face and upper body and lastly in my stomach. I think that is true for many people. So don’t be discouraged if you have started a workout regimen and are really working hard to eat better and you don’t immediately see toned, fat free arms or six pack abs. This takes time and patience. Take pictures of yourself weekly or maybe even bi-weekly so you can really see the differences as they start happening. Sometimes it is hard to see it when we are just looking in the mirror at ourselves.

Most importantly, DONT GIVE UP. DONT GET DISCOURAGED. KEEP WORKING HARD. Once you start seeing results you will be glad you stuck with the plan and put the effort in!

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