Competition prep

It’s OK to be competitive!

I haven’t been in the bikini competition realm for very long but I have definitely already noticed a change in my perception of the sport. When I first decided I wanted to try and compete it was strictly for the personal battle. I wanted to see if I could push myself to be ready for an actual event, get up on a stage, be completely uncomfortable, and get through it. I would say that during a good portion of the prep I didn’t care about anything other than myself actually going through with it.

However, the closer I got to competition day, the more I started feeling ready. I was amazed at how I had morphed by body over the 20 weeks in to this lean machine and I was ready to show it off.

A few weeks out I started noticing my competition on social media. I started to panic thinking that maybe I’m not ready. Fearing the possibility of a loss even though my coach had said I was more than ready.

So what happened? I started out with simple goals, just get up there and do this and be proud of yourself for doing it. Then it turned in to, get up there and WIN. I’ll tell you what happened, it is a COMPETITION. You should be going in to it with the intention of winning. It is a sport and you SHOULD want to win. This is a normal feeling.

Did I win? No, I did not. I placed second in all three of the categories I competed in. Second against a whole lot of women who looked amazing. Was I disappointed? Yes. Did I wish that I won and took my pro card home that night? Yes. Did I let the fact that I didn’t win destroy me? No. Did I use the loss to motivate me to grow and keep chasing the dream? YES!

The point of this whole story is that I see a lot on social media about how everyone has a million different reasons for why they want to get on stage other than to win. I get it, at first I was one of those people. But after awhile I realized I had put so much work in, I wanted that win.  It’s ok to say that you want to win. The chance of you winning is usually not good. There can be only one and there are a lot of amazing women up there with you. I feel like some are afraid to say that they want to win because they are already expecting to lose. What I want to say is, DONT SELL YOURSELF SHORT! Go up there wanting to win. It makes you appear more confident to the judges if nothing else.

IF you lose then you need to learn how to deal with this. Use the loss to grow from it. Figure out what went wrong and try to improve it for next time. Don’t let it destroy you and keep you from wanting to compete ever again. Self improvement is part of the process. Go in hoping for that win and knowing in the back of your mind that there is a good chance you won’t get it. Just don’t focus on that!

So since my last show I have been busting it trying to work on everything that needs improving for the next time that I get on stage. Who knows what will happen. But I guarantee I will be giving it my all and hoping for that win!



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