6 tips to help you hit your water intake quota

We all know we need to drink plenty of water. I always say more water is the key to everything. Don’t feel well? Drink some water. Muscle cramps? Drink some water. Feeling bloated? Drink more water. Hungry but it isn’t time to eat yet? Drink water.

The problem is that water is boring and can be hard to drink a lot of. The week before my competition I had to drink a gallon and a quarter of water a day. It seemed impossible. So I want to give you all some tips on how I personally make it easier for myself to stay hydrated.

    Drink out of a larger container. This sounds odd but I found it much faster and easier to drink out of an actual gallon of water. Just the act of tipping it back and physically getting more down your gullet in one sip makes it easier and quicker. Not only that but it is easier to mentally deal with knowing you only need to finish that one gallon of water, as opposed to 8 16oz bottles of water. If buying a gallon jug and drinking directly out of it seems too barbaric, they do sell gallon size jugs that are more classy. Amazon even sells a motivational jug you can find here.

    Use BCAAs. I know a lot of people that drink their amino acids throughout the day with their water. They are flavored so you don’t have to drink plain ol’ water all day long. This is a win win. You get your water and some aminos in all with flavor

    Flavor shots. Sometimes I squirt some calorie free flavor shots in my water if I am really having a hard time getting it down. If you are a beginner water drinker this may be the road to start on for you.
    Motivate yourself. This is another reason why I use the gallon container. I know how much I have left exactly and I try to push myself to get it down by the end of the day. It is like a daily challenge I set for myself to accomplish. You would be surprised how you can push yourself if you really try!

    Track it. The only way you really know what you are actually consuming is to keep track. Sometimes realizing how little you actually drink in a day is enough to push you to drink more!
    • Remember the benefits. I’m not going to go on a tirade about the benefits of drinking water. There are countless. Chances are you are doing it for a few reasons of your own. Remember why you are doing it and push yourself to stay on track. Personally, I feel better when I’m adequately hydrated. I look better without the water retention, my complexion is better, my workout recovery is better, I usually weigh less than I would on a day without enough water.

    Give those ideas a try and see what works for you. After the first week of drinking enough water you will notice that you may have a stomach ache adapting to the extra water. It also doesn’t take long before your body restores it’s natural thirst. You will notice that the more you drink, the more you NEED to drink. Also, obviously you will need to run to the bathroom more often. Your body will adapt to this. The benefits that you notice will outweigh all of these side effects though! 🙂

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