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The gym is my therapy

I think people who don’t regularly workout think that everyone who attends the gym is there solely because they are trying to lose weight or gain muscle. While yes we are there with a goal in mind but it is also something else for some people; therapy.

I first started regularly attending a gym about 6 months after having my first child. I needed a break from mom life and work life. With breast feeding although there are many great benefits, I felt at times that I had lost myself and I was purely a food source for my child. I couldn’t stand what the pregnancy had done to my body. I was so tired and had little energy from being up most nights with my daughter. I needed something that was just for myself and not about anyone else.

My husband at the time had started back at the local and gym and offered me to go with him to show me around and get me started. It didn’t take long and I was hooked. I soon started going alone, first on my lunch hour, and then eventually I started going in the morning before work. I felt so at peace. A break from the crying, the breastfeeding, work, cleaning the house, it was great. I turned on my headphones and did my thing for an hour. I soon noticed my body looking a little more of it’s old self and my mind was slowly coming around too. Although it sounds odd getting that workout in actually gave me more energy to continue on with my day.

It became a habit quickly. Just like having a cup of coffee every morning. I couldn’t do without it. I even attended through my entire second pregnancy right up until about a week from delivery. I attended while recovering from many different surgeries. Even if I didn’t actually do much I still enjoyed my time away. And it’s even better surrounding yourself with motivated people who are doing the same.

7 years later and I’m still going. Sure I have new goals and things I set to accomplish, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is therapy for me first and foremost. It’s my “me” time. Not a mom, not an employee, not a wife, (or now a girlfriend) for at least an hour. And as a plus that “me” time has so many benefits for my mind, body, and soul. And it keeps me sane and ultimately makes me a better more relaxed and happier mom. 😊

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