Supplements for muscle recovery

I get asked from time to time “what supplements do you take and what do you take them for?” So I thought it might be helpful to share what I personally have found to be useful in my experience.

Now, before I start I want to add that some of these supplements are seasonal. When I am on a cut for a competition I don’t take anything except maybe protein powder if I haven’t met my protein allowance for the day.

That being said, when I’m in an improvement season with the main objective to gain lean muscle mass, I do take a few things that I find to be helpful for muscle endurance and recovery.

Creatine: I have one scoop of creatine intra-workout. I have found that during the first week or so of loading it can cause some GI distress and bloating. Don’t let it deter you from taking it. It goes away as you get used to taking it and the benefits from it are worth it. I find an increase in volume lifted and a faster recovery.

BCAAs / EAAs: These stand for branch chain amino acids and essential amino acids. I find these also to be good for recovery. I have found a brand that has both the three basic branched chained aminos and also the essential aminos. And as a bonus it also has glucosamine included joint health 😃. You can find it here. I also take this intra-workout (with the creatine) and sometimes I drink it throughout the day.

Beta alanine: This is found typically in most pre workouts but I mix it in water and drink it in it’s pure form pre workout. I don’t take a pre workout since I like to drink coffee in the morning. I find coffee and a pre workout is too much caffeine for me personally and not needed.

Protein powder: Like I stated earlier, I do take protein if needed to hit my protein macros for the day. I prefer a lean protein like ISO100 from Dymatize- Only 2g of carbs per scoop!

That is all I take! Like I said, these supplements seem to work for me. I always see an increase in volume and load lifted after a few weeks and my muscle recovery is noticeably faster. Let me know what you take! I’m always interested in what works for others 🙂

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