5 habits to stop to drop a few pounds quickly

Let’s face it. We all have habits that are not conducive to losing weight. Now that we have started a new year it is a good time to take a step back and evaluate our diets and the amount of exercise we are getting. So let’s go over a few common things we may be doing that are keeping us from losing those few extra pounds.

1. Sugary drinks. Take a look at what you drink during the course of the day. Juice, non diet soda, sugary sports drinks, coffee shop sugary lattes, all of these can really rack up the calorie count. If you find that you have a habit of drinking any of the above you may want to think about an alternative that you enjoy. I get that water isn’t as fun but they make flavor shots for water and diet sodas and other diet drinks. Experiment and see what you may like. Choose black coffee and add your own sugar substitute or low cal creamer/flavor. This change alone will make a big difference for some people!

2. Snacks. Evaluate what you are eating between meals. For example, sometimes people go crazy snacking on assorted nuts thinking that they are a good healthy choice. And they are, but a little goes a long way. Take a look at the nutritional facts of your snacks. Make sure you are eating within the serving size and making good snack choices. Ask yourself if you really need the snack or are you eating because it’s there and why not?

3. Move more. This sounds ridiculous I know but in today’s world there isn’t a need to move as much as we used to. Try to get some extra walking in especially if you sit all day for work. Go on a walk on lunch break, park farther away when you go somewhere, join a gym if you haven’t already, get a few extra chores done around the house, go outside and play with your kids. Be more active any way you can.

4. Limit alcohol consumption. This is huge. If you are habitually drinking every day first of all that is a problem in itself, but there are nothing but empty calories in alcohol. Not only that but the body views alcohol as a poison so upon entering the body it immediately stops all processes to flush out the toxins. If you need a drink here and there or are at a social event try to stick to something lighter in calories such as vodka with soda water or a zero cal mixer.

5. Quit the fast food. Everyone loves a quick meal. We are all busy so it is very convenient. Coworkers may be ordering in lunch, or you may travel for a job, so fast food it is. Try packing your own meals. It seems like a pain but you will notice a weight change after a few weeks with this one. Obviously you want to be smart about what you are packing yourself to eat but most of the time I imagine it will still be better than fast food. This goes for both nutrition and calorie consumption.

Try out some of these as a challenge for yourself! See if you notice a change in your weight or even how you feel. Remember the healthier our habits are the better we feel. More energy, less fatigue, less illness, all of these are some benefits you will begin to notice! Let’s start out the year with new healthier habits 😁

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