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Stereotyping bodybuilders

When I use the term “bodybuilders” I am loosely speaking of anyone who chooses to try to change their body composition by adding more muscle mass. I know this encompasses a wide variety of people in the fitness realm. But I think generally we can all relate. I feel like I have to vent a bit about the general misconceptions that I often hear.

First off I get so tired of hearing that everyone who has any type of muscle on their body is “on steroids.” It is certainly not impossible for any person, man or woman, to put on visible muscle mass naturally. It takes time, commitment, proper diet, knowledge (a coach), and a huge work ethic. Since my first bodybuilding bikini competition I have heard that I personally am using steroids in order to “look like that.” Lets be clear. I do NOT put any unnatural substances in my body. It’s quite humorous in my opinion to even think it of myself. The bikini division carries the least amount of muscle mass out of all the bodybuilding categories 😂. Anyone who is educated and knows anything about bodybuilding can easily see that my muscle mass is within a natural achievable limit. Women using anabolic steroids will take on a more masculine look. Not masculine because you think they look like a man because they have visible muscles, but masculine as in their face shape takes on a more masculine shape, facial hair, acne, change in voice to name a few. I understand that there is a level of bodybuilding where steroids do exist. However, let’s not accuse every person we see who lifts weights to build muscle of being a steroid freak. There are a lot of us who have pushed hard for years to create the body we have now. Naturally.

Next is the perception that bodybuilders eat nothing but chicken, eggs, and protein shakes. Granted, they may be heavy in the diet but we still eat veggies, fruits, dairy, and plenty of carbs. And volume-wise chances are the average lifter eats more than the average person does in a day. The cleaner you eat, the more volume of food you can squeeze down the hatch 🙂.

Another myth is that we live in the gym. No, we really aren’t there all day. An hour or so a day, give or take, is all it takes for most of us. Granted, I’m sure a lot of us wish we had the time to spend more than that however we have lives just like the rest of the world. We work, have families, and obligations. This is either a hobby or a way of life that we have created for various reasons. And it’s HEALTHY.

So please can we stop criticizing others and discrediting people for what they work hard for? First of all it isn’t anyone’s business how or why you look a certain way. We all need to do a little more empowering and support each other! Stop the hating!

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