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Managing working mom life and fit life

One of the questions I get asked the most is “how do you have time for the gym?” This is also the excuse I hear the most for why people can’t make it to the gym. “I don’t have the time. I can’t get up any earlier. I’m too tired after work.” Although I don’t say it, I once read a meme on social media that explains my thought process perfectly. Try saying to yourself “it’s not a priority” and see how that feels. Because that is basically what it is. You have to make fitting your workout in a priority. Yes my kids are always first. But after them comes me and my health. You can’t take care of your kids if you can’t keep yourself healthy. It’s no different than needing to stop to the store to get something for your household. You need to do it even though you really don’t want to. I’m not always motivated to head to the gym. But it is part of my morning routine and I just do it and get it done. When I leave I’m always glad I went and I feel more energized.

So for the people that can’t get up any earlier. Try going right after work. If you can’t go then maybe go later after dinner. Most gyms now have 24 hour access now and some even have child care. Do your research and check your area gyms. Even if you only have 30 minutes that is enough to get a decent workout in. Trust me as tired as you are when you show up, you will leave with way more energy.

Although I personally like gyms better some people find home workouts or home gyms easier to adhere to. Same concept applies. Get up a half an hour earlier and head to the basement and step on the treadmill. Or maybe after dinner or after you put the kids to bed. Step on your cardio machine and turn on Netflix on your phone. Catch up on your favorite show. Time passes so much faster this way 🙂

You definitely shouldn’t make having kids a reason to not take care of yourself. I have seen women with babies in their car seats in the gym watching their moms workout. It is an awesome way to be a positive influence on your kids to be healthy and active. My daughter loves to do home workouts with me. We do some static stretches and some ab exercises and other calisthenics. We even have done some yoga. We both get exercise and some quality time together. It’s a win win. Even taking the kids for a walk or a family bike ride. Try to incorporate whatever you can think of that your kids like to do. The point is just getting up and MOVING.

So stop making excuses and start a habit! A healthy active habit 🙂

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