Competition prep

What to bring on competition day

I’ll be honest. This list is just as much for me (for next comp) as it is for you all. Here is a list of things that I brought with me on my competition day. I left out what was on my list for my first show that I never did need. 🙂

    bikini and your back up bikini (you never know)
    heels and back up heels
    The food that your coach advises you to bring
    Sewing kit (just in case)
    Phone and charger
    Camera if you want someone to take pics
    Warm up bands or dumbbells
    Glue on nails and extra glue (if that’s what you decided on)
    Your makeup bag just in case you need a touch up and no one is around
    Lots of water
    Baby powder in case you get stinky
    Hand wipes (can’t wash your hands because of the tan)
    Dixie cups with holes in the bottom or a female urinal. This is so you don’t drop on your tan. Honestly the female urinal works amazing and is worth every penny 😉 You can find one here on Amazon
    Extra sheets and pillow cases for the hotel bed
    Black Silky pajamas and a robe for after the tan. The silky material buffs the tan while you sleep.
    Flip flops for after the tan
    Set of clothes for after the competition
    After competition snacks!

I think that’s it! These are the things I really needed and was glad I remembered to bring. With your first show you tend to overpack just because you think of every crazy scenario that could ever happen. Which isn’t a bad thing! It is always better to have too much than not enough is what I always say. Hope this helps someone!

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