Competition prep

What to expect in peak week

Now that I have successfully completed a peak week I want to share my personal experience with all of you.

If you don’t know what peak week is it is the week before your bodybuilding competition. Everyone’s peak week may look a little different but the main idea is to remove as much water from your body as possible while giving your muscles a bit of a break. Rested muscles look better on stage. Cardio generally goes up this week until 1 day or so before show day. Everyone’s training may look different depending on what category you are competing in.

Diet wise, For me personally I had a high carb allowance at the beginning of the week and it tapered by the end of the week until show day. On the day of the show I ate every two hours until literally right before getting on stage.

The craziest part of the week was the emotional side of it. Right around mid week I got very bloated from all the water I had to drink all week. According to my coach this is very normal and part of the process. But I started panicking that I wasn’t ready for this show and I wasn’t lean enough. I really felt ready up until that moment. That was probably the first time I had questioned what I was doing the entire prep. This is when it is good to have yourself an amazing coach who will support you and get you through moments like that. For the whole week I was exhausted and the day before the show I wanted to go to bed at 6:30 pm because I was so tired. I think the combination of stress and anxiety mixed with the diet definitely takes a toll on the body and mind. But by show day I had dried out well enough and summoned the energy to get up and get on stage.

I really wanted to share this for anyone who may decide to compete. I had thought peak week would be less intense and actually a little fun. And it was a nice change with the diet and training but the emotional side of it was a shock to me. So be prepared if you are about to experience your first peak week 😁

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