General thoughts and advice

Staying motivated

I get asked a lot, how do you stay motivated? My response is, honestly, sometimes it isn’t about being motivated. I am a full time working mom of two kids. I am exhausted most mornings. A typical morning consists of getting up at 5am, getting myself ready and fed, then getting my kids up and ready for school. Then I go to the gym before work. Honestly I don’t really think about it. After seven years of this routine I think my vehicle drives itself to the gym and I auto pilot through my workout some days.

My point is, it is really about changing your lifestyle until a healthy diet and exercise is the norm. When I get to the gym I literally see every type of person there. I even see 90 year old men working out. Sure, they move slow. Sometimes they are hanging out more than exercising. But they are there. Why? Most likely because it has become a habit for them.

So no. I don’t wake up every day ready to take off running and conquer the world. I wish I did. But with the consistent habit of showing up everyday and giving it my all at the gym, and the conscious effort of healthy eating, over time I have seen results. And the results are what keep you motivated. Transforming yourself into something you didn’t think you had in you. That is motivating.

The best advice I can give anyone trying to be motivated is to stop selling yourself excuses! Trust me the gym is not filled with bored housewives and retired people. Plenty of us have kids, jobs, and seemingly no time. Even at home workouts are effective if you really can’t get out of the house for any length of time. You just find a way. It is about making yourself a priority. Make your health a priority 🙂

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