Diet fads

I have to say that I am annoyed on an almost daily basis with all of the “quick fix” diets out there. I have been dieting and training for years now and I know enough to tell you that there is no quick fix. No magic pills. No magic creams or potions. To go back on what I have said in previous blogs, you must burn more calories than you take in to lose weight. Plain and simple.

People feel like they need to explain to me what they do to lose weight. I have heard of teas, drinks, pills. And I am sure that to some extent they can be helpful nutrient wise. Usually these programs want you to drink a lot of fluid, exercise, and not eat or drink certain things while you are on the program. And you may lose weight. But it wasn’t from the magic potion. It was from avoiding the sugary drinks, the snacks, getting yourself to a gym or the treadmill. And the company gets all the credit for the magic potion working.

And the other concern is sustainability. Can you sustain this diet? What happens when the tea or the potion is gone? Do you keep buying more? Do you go back to your old ways once you have lost a few pounds?

I have had people try to sell me on the Keto diet. I believe it can work. I believe if done correctly it can be healthy. But honestly for me, I love carbs. Carbs keep me sane. They really aren’t the enemy. I weigh currently 115lbs at 5’5″ and I eat carbs in my diet. I carb cycle with guidance from my coach. It seems to be a very effective approach and sustainable when trying to live a normal life. And that is the ultimate goal. A healthy lifestyle change that you can sustain forever. 😊

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