Breakfast food ideas

I love to eat breakfast. Every morning I wake up starving. I literally think about breakfast the night before at bedtime. When tracking macros I found it a little scary thinking of what I can eat for breakfast and not completely deplete my allowance for the whole day. So I compiled some ideas for breakfast that still keep the macros low without being completely unenjoyable.

1. Eggs or egg whites. I know, common knowledge, right? If you have a decent fat allowance in your macros go for the whole egg (approx 5g of fat in each egg). Egg whites are protein only so they are the perfect side dish. I like having more on my plate and egg whites make me feel like I’m actually eating a big breakfast. You can scramble them or even make an omelet and add your favorite veggies.

2. Bagel thins. Thomas makes a bagel thin that is only 110 calories. You can’t do as much damage as a regular bagel with these. I put fat free cream cheese on it (1/2 a serving, be careful).

3. Fat free waffles. There are a lot of waffle options. Some people make their own out of protein powder. I found that Eggo makes a frozen waffle that is fat free which I occasionally will have as a breakfast addition to my egg. With sugar free syrup and blueberries πŸ™‚. I know this isn’t exactly nutritious but like I said, I love breakfast.

4. Turkey bacon/sausage. If you like to eat bacon or sausage with breakfast you can safely eat it with a switch to turkey. No, it isn’t the same but after weeks of dieting you will begin to think it tastes amazing.

5. Oatmeal. Quaker makes a low sugar packaged oatmeal this is a little easier on the carbs if oatmeal scares you like it does me. Regular quick oats are more nutritious and you can always add fruit, protein powder, spices, or a sugar substitute if you need flavor. Just remember everything you add to it also adds calories πŸ™‚.

6. Shakes. Some people can’t possibly eat in the morning but they can handle drinking a shake. Protein shakes or smoothies provide endless possibilities and depending on how you make them they can be macro friendly as well. Sometimes I put a scoop of chocolate protein right in my coffee. It is a two in one caffeine in protein and it tastes like a Mocha latte!

7. Yogurt. Dannon light n fit yogurt would make a good side or additive to a smoothie.

8. Cottage cheese. Low carb and excellent source of protein. I usually get fat free and then I don’t have to worry about the extra fat in my macro allowance. You can add fruit or whatever you like to it or just eat it plain. This really grew on me because I HATED cottage cheese. Now I literally eat it every day as a mid morning snack with blueberriesπŸ˜„

These are just some good options that I have used recently as breakfast choices. Sometimes I eat them for dinner too! I do believe everyone should eat something in the morning upon waking and there are so many choices out there. Eat your breakfast! πŸ™‚

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