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Fit shaming

Since starting my current cut 20 something weeks ago I have dealt with what I call “fit shaming.” I am sure many of you who have gone on cuts or competition prep have also had this happen to them. If this is your first cutting or prep journey- beware!

Since I chose to cut during the summer months there were several barbecues that inevitably I was invited to. It is very hard to have a social life during prep but I did my best because I have kids and a boyfriend who likes to attend social gatherings. So of course I am on a strict macro based diet and can NOT drink alcohol during this prep so I knew it would be absolute torture to go.

What I noticed was how much what I didn’t eat or didn’t drink seemed to matter to other people. I basically stuck out like a sore thumb eating my own snacks and drinking water. And because I chose to diet down and achieve a goal of mine I was personally offending others who drink and eat poorly. People then feel the need to make rude comments about diets and why they don’t diet. The common comment I always hear is “well I would rather be a little chunky and eat what I want and be able to drink and be happy . ” My response is always “well if food and alcohol is what makes you happy…”

My rant is always this: Why is so much emphasis in this country placed on food and alcohol? Honestly not being able to eat the food or drink wasn’t making me unhappy at all. I still had fun and socialized. But it is the people and their questions and rude comments that make me unhappy.

After a few social outings I learned a few tricks that you can use to help make it less awkward.

  • Fake an alcoholic drink. I finally bought a stainless steel bubba straw cup that wasn’t clear so I could put water in it and people assumed it was filled with a mixed drink. I even told people it had vodka in it 😆. At weddings or out in a restaurant I would order soda water with a lemon and people always assumed it was vodka, so no rude comments.
  • As far as food goes choose wisely. If I absolutely had to eat out I always chose fish or shrimp. No butter, no oil, veggies on the side. Or the timeless salad with grilled chicken or shrimp and dressing on the side. They are both easier to control your portions and mentally calculate what you are consuming.
  • Avoid conversation about your diet. At all costs I try not to discuss my prep. If people bring it up I give them as little material as possible to continue the conversation. Now, if someone is genuinely interested and really wants your insight or help that is entirely different. You can usually tell who really cares and who is looking to fit shame. People may also try to sell you on what they do or what they heard and how they diet. You need to only be concerned with what your coach tells you! We are all on different paths!
  • If this is happening to you, don’t feel alone and I hope some of my tips help! And if you have done this to someone please stop! 🙂
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