Competition prep

Competition posing heels

When I first decided to start competing I knew I obviously had to buy myself a pair of posing heels. I knew this would be one major obstacle I had to conquer: walking in 4.5-5 inch heels.

So I shopped around not really having any idea what to look for. I found a few pair on Amazon that were cute and I decided on the blingy pair covered in gems.

After receiving them I tried them on and they fit like a glove! I was over the moon because I figured they wouldn’t fit right. However, walking in them was the problem.

So I have to say not all competition heels are alike. I didn’t realize this and for weeks and weeks I kept practicing in those pretty blinged out heels and struggling with my walk. After major research online I finally found an article that explained my problem. Apparently posing heels have several differing options available. They are:

    The obvious: design differences. Some are filled with gems some are more simple. I have heard that simple is better as too much going on can lead to the judges staring at your feet.
    Strapless or ankle straps. I, personally at this point with it being my first show ever, need the straps. Lord knows I don’t need to lose a shoe up there.
    Platforms. They have different size platforms. This is where I ran into the problem. I loved my heels because they were cute but the 1.5 inch platform was too much for me. It made me feel unstable like I was too far away from the floor. The second pair I bought were only 3/4 inch platforms and they are sooo much easier to walk in. Granted they say a higher platform is better for beginners as it lessens the incline of the heel but to each their own.
    Bottom of the heel. I really don’t know what the term is but when heel shopping pay attention to the fact that the toe portion of the bottom of the shoe can sometimes be rounded and sometimes it’s flat. My first pair of heels has a rounded bottom and I felt like tipping over at times. My second pair have a flat toe bottom and it is much more stable in my opinion.
    Toe shape. Some are square toe and some are rounded. Some are sort of ovally. It’s all preference I suppose.
    Sole padding. I did buy a pair of Ellie’s that had a cushiony sole. It was kind of nice but they didn’t fit me right and I didn’t like the toe shape so I returned them.

Anyway so there are some differences you may not know about when heel shopping. I’m really hoping I help someone because I really could have used this knowledge a few months ago!

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