Counting macros

Over the years I have tried several different approaches to “cutting.” Honestly the most effective approach I have personally found is counting your macros.

For those of you that don’t know what a macro is it consists of carbohydrates, fats, and protein. 1g of carbs and protein each equal 4 calories and 1g of fat equals 9 calories. We all know that losing weight is based off the bottom line: calories in vs. calories out. So not only do we need an effective workout regimen to burn calories but also we need to be watching what we eat. Your coach or maybe even yourself may designate the total calories you are going to consume for the day and spread it out with macros in the way that best suits your current goal. For example: Today I am on 35g of fat, 120g of carbs, and 125g of protein. All in all I will consume only 1295 calories today (yuck).

So how do i keep track of all this information? I know there are several apps that will calculate and allow you to store your food intake through the app. I find it to be too much technology and I have also caught them providing inaccurate macro information. So in my opinion the best way to record your macros is through pen and paper and checking actual nutritional labels. I have pictures below that show what my current log looks like. I purchased this off Amazon for somewhere around $20. I find it easy to use and it keeps my day organized.

So try it out! You will be surprised how it changes your perspective on food. I was shocked at how fast the calories add up with items I always thought of as a healthy choice. For example, peanut butter. It is “healthy” however a little goes a long way in the macro world!

If anyone tries this log out please let me know what you think about using it! I will be posting plenty more about nutrition because I know it is a hot topic. Stay tuned!

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